Financial Aspects


The funds generated by the membership and the ongoing operation of the GBC are used primarily in three directions.  Roughly one third goes directly to the Magic Valley Stampede Rodeo either as additions to prize money or in some cases infrastructure. Another third goes to charitable organizations of the Magic Valley and the other third goes back to the membership of the GBC.  In all cases the membership is advised on exactly what is proposed.  It then takes a two third approval of the members on any particular proposal.

Membership Privileges


At the onset of becoming a member of the GBC a buckle and pendent are ordered (at this particular time the designs of both are sill being worked on). The jewelry is being designed and built (with GBC approval) by Maynard Buckle out of New Mexico and is of very nice quality.  All buckles and pendants will be numbered and recorded primarily for security concerns.


During the three nights performance of the MVS rodeo a hospitality room is set up for the members of the GBC.  At about 5:30 each evening all GBC members are invited to dinner and hosted bar, by the GBC.  (For the first year or so we will have a tent like structure at the south end of the grandstands.)  All GBC members have full access to this “room” during the Rodeo every night.  Adjacent to the GBC room at the south end of the concrete grandstand will be GBC seating.  We plan to install theatre style seats for the GBC members.  These seats will be only for GBC members but if members prefer to sit somewhere else that is fine.  (Also see seating in the Policies of the GBC).



 VIP Parking will be made available to all GBC members and guests during the three nights of the Magic Valley Stampede.

Member Meetings:


Twice a year a general membership meeting will be held at a facility as approved by the Advisory committee.


The GBC will be a sponsor of the Magic Valley Stampede Rodeo.  As a sponsor the GBC becomes an intricate part of the Rodeo, with our flag and perks like those of any other sponsor.

Thank You to Our Sponsors: